Mission & Vision


Aspire is a community-based school committed to empower and educate all students to attain high academic performance, while eliminating the achievement gap by delivering an engaging STEM curriculum and meet the individual needs of all students.


Aspire equips all students with the knowledge, character and skills needed to meet the demands of a competitive global economy.

Aspire Academy Design Principles

Aspire Academy Leadership believe that the current post-industrial model of school is largely irrelevant. The paradigm of school needs to shift and requires a more individualized approach to learning, one that makes education more relevant for all students in terms of who they are (cultural relevance), how they learn (instructional relevance) and what they want to do (career relevance). Aspire Academy is built on five related Design Principles:

  1. Deep, Individualized Learning
  2. Commitment to Student Agency
  3. Authentic Experiences & Assessment
  4. Tech “Enabled”
  5. Serving All (Equity)